The soul is something without form.

BAUGO HEIAN takes the form of the garment of the soul when it appears in this world.

BAUGO HEIAN accessories encompass the soul. Emotions such as anger and sadness are given beauty through rebirth rendered in silver. The designer seeks not to compress the soul but to embrace it in beauty.



About the brand

The unique characteristics of BAUGO HEIAN are enough volume you feel like wearing an objet d'art and light weight without feeling heavy. Most jewelry on the market is made by casting technology, but casting makes it heavier, which makes it difficult to create pieces that are large in size. In contrast, all of the items in BAUGO HEIAN are made by welding thin sheets of silver that are bent one by one.

The designer has been engaged in metal crafting for many years, and has been confronted the difficulties of handling different materials. The most important thing is to communicate with the materials. Listening to the materials in order to draw out their maximum potential, we cherish the beautiful expressions that occurs when metal is bent and twisted.

Recently many accessories using new techniques such as 3D printing have begun to appear on the market. In such a situation, the direction of traditional techniques has been clearly. BAUGO HEIAN continues to express the potential of these techniques.


BAUGO HEIANの特徴は、オブジェを身に着けるようなボリューム感と、それに相反する着け心地のよい軽さにあります。
市場にあるジュエリーの多くは鋳造技術によってつくられていますが、鋳造ではどうしても重くなってしまうため、大きさのある表現には困難が伴います。BAUGO HEIANではデザイナーが一枚一枚曲げた銀の薄い板を溶接し制作することで、ボリュームを求めつつも軽さのある表現を可能にしています。


最近では、3Dプリンターなどの最新技術を用いたアクセサリーを多く見かけるようになりました。その中で、伝統的な手法のあるべき方向性が明確になってきたと感じています。この可能性を体現すべく、BAUGO HEIANはこれからも表現を続けていきます。

Designer Profile

Shin Okuyama
Born in Nagasaki, 1982.
Interested in art from a young age, majored in design and art at high school, studying sculpture and painting. 
Entered Tokyo University of the Arts, where he majored in metalwork, deepening his knowledge further.
After graduating from university, involved in design and creation of numerous brand accessories.
Established his own brand "BAUGO HEIAN" in 2020.

Shin Okuyama

1982年 長崎県生まれ
2006年 東京藝術大学入学。専攻した工芸科で金属工芸への造詣を深める。
2020年、自身のブランド「BAUGO HEIAN」を立ち上げる。